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Our Story

In a very fast-paced modern life, to find an affordable sleeping facility that provides great comfort and experience has become a true challenge. Bobobox is built so that everyone can recharge and get good quality rest and sleep anywhere, anytime conveniently.

Tremendous challenges along with complexity lie ahead, all Bobobox Squad believes that providing an impeccable recharging experience for humans is doable, achievable, and worthwhile.


Key Values

We are on the mission to provide an impeccable recharging experience, creating a purposeful workplace, and establishing a healthy relationship with partners.

Best Attitude

At any given time, we think about WE than I. We help others to thrive and always be the best version of ourselves.

Obsessive Curiosity

We learn like there is no tomorrow. We strive in problem-solving ethos so that we can understand the company, market, and our customers.

Bring Results

We focus on rapid learning to perform at our best with or without the team. We strive for greatness, not an average one.

Open Communication

We put more energy to understand other perspectives before championing ours. We deal with conflicts openly, not abusively.


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